Cheap Car Insurance and Car Safety – Loss of Driving Licence

The loss of a driving licence can be both a hugely practical problem for a number of people and a very costly process in terms of having to compensate for not having a licence and the cost of insurance for your car or motor vehicle when you eventually receive your licence back. Most people assume that you lose your licence mainly as the result of a drink-driving conviction. This can certainly be true but there are many other circumstances where it is possible to have your licence revoked, suspended or taken away from you any length of time.

There will normally be a proviso either in statute or on your licence that stipulates you must be in good health in order to have a driving licence. This means in effect that if your health changes in certain circumstances you are under an obligation to notify the authorities. This may result in them taking your licence away or requiring you to have certain medical tests at certain period of time that will determine whether your medical condition affects your ability to drive and not. It is difficult to generalise about what medical conditions are because is normally the severity of the condition rather than the condition itself that determines the approach that the authorities will take.

As an example if your eyesight deteriorates significantly over any period of time that it is obvious that that poses a risk both to yourself and to driving generally and is a condition that needs to be notified to the proper authorities. Equally if you have certain types or degrees of epilepsy, that may affect your ability to drive in a safe manner. Equally if your epilepsy is able to be controlled and managed through a variety of means including medication then that would not be a barrier to having and keeping a licence.

Aside from health concerns that need to be notified, conviction of a drink-driving offence is the most common reason probably why people lose their licences. Be aware also that you can lose your licence for refusing to give a breath test. In effect this is taken as an admission of guilt by the legal system and by courts, and inevitably you will be treated as if you had given a breath test and had failed it and been found guilty.

You can also lose your licence by an accumulation of points. Motorists and car owners are normally given points on their licence that are deemed to be minor or not so minor traffic offences – quite often speeding or driving through red lights or similar infractions of the motor code. Speeding is a good example where minor speeding infractions may lead to a relatively few number of points that can quickly add up, if you’re convicted of speeding several times in a given period of time and exceed the overall limit of points that you have on your licence. In that respect and regard you would then lose your licence for a specified period of time. Bear in mind that motorists can lose their licence as the result of one speeding offence if that speeding offence is deemed to be of a significantly serious nature. It is not uncommon for certain states to advise motorists on entry to that state that in the event of being caught speeding they will also be sent to jail. Whether that is a serious threat or not is not something that should be tested.

The other type of situations might involve losing a licence can relate to having an accident. In the event of the motorist being involved in an accident they have certain obligations under law to notify the relevant law enforcement authorities and to assist as best they can to prevent any future accidents. If they do not comply with these then it is certainly possible that the courts would take away their licence for a certain period of time.

Roadside Assistance Motor Clubs: The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly!

Roadside assistance motor clubs have become mainstays in our society during an unpredictable and unstable time, yet there are many people who don’t know the benefits of having one. It can be especially frustrating when your vehicle breaks down and you are stranded in a rural area with no immediate idea of how to find help. This is where roadside assistance motor clubs have ridden to the rescue.

And honestly, even when you are just twenty miles from home with a car that won’t start, frustration and stress kick in and all you want to do is get home now. With one of these clubs, you don’t have to wonder if the battery cables are in the car and what to do if no one else seems to be around. Or you could just be out of fuel but again no need to wonder if the gas can made it in the car the last time you cleared it out or if you can make it to that station you saw seven miles back.

Roadside assistance motor clubs can even help when something more serious goes wrong with your vehicle from a quick on-site repair, to towing it down the road to the nearest service provider. Some clubs provide hospital cash benefits should you find yourself in an auto accident or legal assistance if you haven’t kept up on the latest road laws. Most of the time, these services are available on a sign and go basis. This means you don’t pay up front.

For many people these clubs have proven useful and for others, they have been a problem. Not all company clubs are created equal and some benefits may be more of a hassle than a help. Some clubs have no payment plans, and when you do get the assistance you need you might get blindsided with the fact that it counted as an insurance claim. And if that isn’t bad enough, during this highly stressful time, some clubs can get so ugly as to even require you to find your own towing company. Always make sure before you need the services, to check the horror stories with the company record first and verify your benefits as well.

Still, the stress and frustration of a sudden roadside emergency can be eased and with one specific motor club which includes all of the benefits listed above with none of the horror stories, your membership can be better than free! Because you can get them to pay you. Now that is truly good.